Put the heavy weights down, it's time to tone and tighten 
using your own body-weight

Many of you have been asking me when I'm going to be re-launching our TRX Suspension Training - and im happy to announce that we're ready to launch this week!

In the weeks since we've put the TRX program "on hold", we've come up with one of the best, most intensive suspension training program we've hosted to date.

The challenge with the way it was before (having it part of the regular schedule) was that anytime someone new joined in, it was difficult to teach the beginner and advanced at the same time in the same class.

We've fixed all that :)

We're going to run a 9 (***not 8 like usually) week program called TRX - Tone and Tighten, that's going to run on Thursdays at 6pm starting Thursday, Jan 26th.

On top of that, Shelley has always volunteered to run several additional "bonus" weekend classes! (Not contractual)

And it's going to run at an incredibly low $99. Both members and non-members can join this 8 week program.

By running it in an 8 week program with a definitive start and end date, we'll be able to build up our bodies - and skill - together, as a group, taking you from beginner to intermediate and more advanced techniques that deliver incredible TONING and TIGHTENING.

So, NO, experience is NOT needed. This is for everyone that's looking to tone and tighten, regardless of what your current level is, especially if you're not a fan of throwing dumbbells around and squatting heavy weight. This allows you to tone and tighten without the heavy weights.

Also, unlike in the past, we are limiting the number of participants. 
Gone are the days of "2 per straps" lol.​ 
This way we can focus more on serious progress with a smaller dedicated group. 
(We will keep first come first served waiting list if there's any openings)

​Starts Thursday, March 30th
Classes run for 8 weeks, every Thursday at 6pm.

Open to everyone, members and non-members, beginners and pros.
Thursday, March 23rd at 6pm.