A tight, sexy, toned body.

Without having to lift heavy weights 
or putting up with meat heads in the gym! 

Not only is it possible but it's being done every day!

It's called "Suspension Training" otherwise known as "TRX".

Yes "resistance" training is mandatory for your body to tighten and tone-up​.

But shapely curves can be had without being intimidated in a public gym!

One of our coaches is a specialist in this type of training. 
With 13+ years of experience, she's put together one of the best and most intensive, result producing suspension training program we've hosted to date.

The program is designed in a special way that starts at "beginner" level and gradually works it's way through "intermediate" and finishes with more advances sessions.

The program starts with 2 free sessions (Jan 4th & 11th) and officially starts Jan 18th for the next 8 weeks. 
Classes are every Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Here's the great part, tuition is only $99.

If one of your 2018 goals is to sport a new "damn you look" body, now's your chance.

Even though we have lots of room, we purposefully keep this class smaller for better results. 
We only use 34 straps! 
34 may seem like allot but unfortunately, word got out early and 21 people have already signed up and registered!! 

This leaves only 13 spots left.
As always, first come first served.

    Lock-in your spot by signing up here:

​Starts Thursday, Jan 18th
Classes run for 8 weeks, every Thursday at 6pm.
Only $99!
Don't miss it.
Open to everyone, members and non-members, beginners and pros.
Thursday, Jan 4th and Jan 11th at 6pm.