"After working all day, I don't have the energy..."

                                                               "There's never enough time..."

                                "Once the kids get home, cooking dinner, then relax a little, the day is gone"

              "I wish I could just get it done in the mornings"             ​

                                                                    "I know I need to loose some weight, it's just that..."


Take care of YOU first thing in the day

                                                             Before life get's in the way.

             Sexy  -  Strong  -  Healthy  -  Fit...    and   HOT LOOKING 

                                     You are worth it girl

Beside, training in the morning MULTIPLIES your benefits.

Absolutely nothing speeds up your fat burning metabolism like reving up your body, first thing in the morning.

Now you can.

An all around, fun, energising and fat burning workout at 6:00 AM.

                       By 7:00, you're already a "champ" and your day is a success

No more "yo-yoing",
                                  No more "I never have the time",
                                                                                       No more "I was planning too but...",
                                                                                                                                                 No more excuses.​

That's what winners do!

So decide now, to take charge of your life and start making things go your way.

Join the small group of friendly ladies that have decided, they too are worth it

                                       All while working on that "Damn you look good" body.

For more information contact me Ray rayblais@eastlink.ca
Class lead by coach Kristy Beadman​

The old you or the new you?

Decide now and make it happen

Contact me at rayblais@eastlink.ca